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Cindy has over 45 years of experience in hunt seat, saddle seat, in hand/halter , western pleasure, dressage, and breeding which involved handling mares/foals and stallions. She is a certified practitioner in the Linda Tellington Jones TTouch Method ®(TTEAM) and Peggy Cummings' Connected Riding®. She has studied with equine chiropractor Dr. Bill Hampton using the Ganstad Method and has added that work to her total body work offerings for horses. Most recently, Cindy has worked with Wendy Murdock adding facets of her teachings to her overall approach.

After retiring in 2007 from 36 years with Xerox, Cindy wanted to go more deeply into working with horses and their owners in a multifaceted approach. Many methods work fine for the professional but when the horse returns home, the owner can not always enjoy their horse and maintain the behavior.

Cindy uses gentle and non invasive body work that is a combination of Connected Exercises and Tellington TTouches interspersed with adjustments. You can bring your horses to her or she will travel to your farm for one on one sessions, clinics or lessons.

On another note, Cindy is a Regional Director, breeder and National Registrar for Personal Ponies, Ltd- a 30+ year national non profit that breeds, raises and trains UK Shetland ponies. These ponies are placed with individuals and Therapy Centers who offer equine programs in the community. This could include programs for children, veterans, seniors, at risk teens- anyone who could benefit from the magic of these little equines. We only require that upon placement our ponies serve the community in whatever way the caretaker's heart may take them. The picture above of the pinto pony is Greystone Mr. Mc Roberts (Robbie) who is one of 3 stallions used here in the PPL breeding program- a fine little man. You can visit the ponies at the farm or call Cindy and she can direct you to a farm in your area that you can schedule visits . If you are interested in learning more about Personal Ponies or helping us in our efforts check our website at or call Cindy direct at 678 773-6826.

Learn more Tellington Touch® and Connected Riding® at:

What to expect using these methods?

Connected Riding is based on human and equine bio mechanics that teach the connection between how bracing patterns and old postural habits in the rider impact the posture, movement and behavior of the horse. Use your body more efficiently to improve your horse's performance. Ride without compression, pain, or stress. Have more ease, fun, and longevity in riding for you and your equine partner. These methods also work for athletes, dancers- anyone using their body in physical activity.

You will see clear changes in how your horse responds to your queues - both physically and behaviorally.You will experience a more secure, safe position in the saddle. These methods apply to competition horses as well as pleasure/trail horses.

Tellington Touch - There are an ever-growing number of training programs with horses these days. So what’s different about Tellington TTouch Training? A response from Linda Tellington Jones herself:

" TTouch provides a way to place your heart in your hand when touching and training horses." "There's no force, no restraints, no fear, no pain. It's a method that embraces compassion, understanding, mindfulness and caring -- all the while getting extraordinary results for behavioral issues, athletic response, communication, ground manners and riding skills." Horses and humans benefit in so many ways from the TTouches, ground exercises, and 'Riding with Joy.' The Tellington TTouch Training Method allows you to love your horse, express kindness, and get remarkable, positive results."

The TTouches and ground exercises (focused leading & the Confidence Course) teach you how to release tension and bring new awareness to your horse's body and balance. This brings increased confidence and trust between horse and rider which results ultimately in better communication.

Cindy says "I have found TTEAM and Connected Work provide a strong complimentary base that, combined with adjustments and use of acupressure, are a very effective approach to many issues or problems I have encountered with horses and their owners.

Susan from CO says "Cindy's clinics are very informative, fun, and effect real change for anyone who is open to learning something new. Whether you are a rider or an auditor, it is guaranteed that you will take away something useful to make your riding and time spent with your equine partner more enjoyable."

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